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Well Suited to the Colony - The story of the Lacemakers of Calais.

Well Suited to the Colony was published in 1997 and is the story of the development of machine-made lace from early mesh on wooden frames to intricate patterned lace on probably the most-complicated metal machines ever made. Entwined with the machines was the lives of the laceworkers who laboured in the workshops of Midlands England, then in Calais and their migration in 1848 to new lives in the Australian Colonies after the political, economic and social upheaval in France.

Over the past 25 years that story has been further revealed by researchers in Australia, England and France and particularly by the descendants of those Lacemakers of Calais.

Now historian and author Gillian Kelly is revising her book and the new and enhanced edition will be released soon.

Lander Directory

The journal Tulle was published for 36 years and is a treasure trove of facts, comments and speculation researched by the descendants of the lacemakers of Calais.

Richard Lander, one of the editors of Tulle and a descendant of the lacemakers created his Lander Directory of the titles of most of the articles within the journal. He has now expanded his list to include the articles within the last 10 issues of the journal.

We hope to enhance the list by adding a short description of the article behind the title and providing links to the articles within the appropriate website pages for readers who want more detail of a subject.

The complete Lander Directory is now on the website.

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