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Gillian Kelly, Editor, 1990


Original printed book: Soft Cover, illustrated, bibliography, shipping lists, indexed,

ISBN 0731694481 

Published by the Australian Society of the Lacemakers of Calais Inc.

This book discusses who the lacemakers were, the history surrounding their decision to emigrate to Australia, the Memorialists, the emigrant ships and their voyages to a new land. It contains a brief article on lacemaking in Australia and passenger lists for the Agincourt, Fairlie and Harpley. It also contains stories about twenty five of the lacemaker families that migrated to Australia, most of which were written by Society members at the time of publication. 

The paper version is out of print.

The book in digital format, is available for purchase.

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Gillian Kelly, 1998

Soft cover, well illustrated, end notes, bibliography, shipping lists, indexed

288 pages ISBN 0646341626

Published by the Australian Society of the Lacemakers of Calais Inc. to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the lacemakers’ arrival in Australia, the book is a definitive record of the story of the lace workers from Calais, born in the Midlands, trapped between the poorhouses of England and the French Revolution, who appealed to the British Government for assistance to emigrate to the Australian colonies in 1848.

The paper version is out of print.

Coming soon - The book has been digitised and is currently being revised before being released in a digital format.




Australian Society of the Lacemakers of Calais Inc.

Various editors ISSN 0815-3442


The journal was issued quarterly with Society membership, but has now ceased publication. It was published from the Society’s inception in 1982 until the end of 2018 and contains a wealth of material about individual lacemakers, the history surrounding their occupation, their lives in Nottingham, Calais and the Australian colonies, the reasons for their emigration to start new lives in Australia, related materials and research guides.


All of the published issues from 001 (October 1982) to 141 (November 2018) have been digitised and are available to read and download at no cost on this website.

Hard copies of some back issues are available at modest cost.

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