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The links here are to other websites also with an interest in lacemakers and the lace making industry and are provided for convenience and information purposes only. Some relate to the history of the industry, its beginnings and development while others reference the lace industry of today.


The Descendants of the Lacemakers of Calais group does not endorse the views expressed in these websites nor can it guarantee the accuracy or currency of the information contained there.

For links to vital records of the lacemakers for events that occurred in France, refer to the French Archives page.


Museum for Lace and Fashion - Calais

Fashion, old and new and history of the building conversion from the Boulart factory to the modern museum.

Cité internationale de la Dentelle et de la Mode de Calais

Nottingham Industrial Museum

Framework Knitters Museum - Ruddington


Leavers Machines

Modern lace makers in USA using Leavers machines

Leavers Lace Corporation - Rhode Island

Leavers Machines

The Last Lace Mill in Nottingham

Leavers Machine

A Leavers machine with Jacquard attachment

Framework Knitting

Machines and the operators including the Mounteney family

The Lace Machine

A 1908 history article about the "modern" lace making machine

Nottingham History website

The Jacquard

How the Jacquard card system controls the lace making machine


Leavers Machines

Modern lace makers in France using Leavers machines

La Dentelle de Calais-Caudry

A Modern Lace Factory

A modern French factory in Calais showing many of the aspects of lace making from design to finished fabric and featuring the workers speaking about and demonstrating their particular specialities and skills.

La Dentelle Noyon - Noyon Lace (Calais)

Modern machine-made lace - How it's made

A look at the modern process of making lace

Cluny Lace - Ilkeston - England's last lacemaker

An English lace maker that returned to Leavers machines

Sophie Hallette - House of tulle and lace

Website of an operating French manufacturer of lace located in Caudry France.


Calais: 1816-2016

History Today website article by Fabrice Bensimon about lacemaking in Calais and the 1848 crisis.


The Guardian Newspaper article 'A brief history of lace'

Pictorial website article with a quick run-through of lace fashion through the centuries

Sophie Hallette - House of tulle and lace

Website showing the collections of fashion designers using its lace.

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