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Wondering what's in the Lacemakers of Calais Families section?

Apply to become a site member 

If you are interested in accessing the information sections available to financial site members, please complete ALL 3 of the required steps below one after the other:

1 - Make a A$22 payment 

 By online bank transfer from within Australia to:

        - Bank:                               National Australia Bank

        - Account name [Payee]: DLC

        - BSB:                                082053

        - Account number:          159185334

By online bank transfer from outside Australia:

Contact us for payment details

By PayPal account from anywherecontact us for payment details

and then

2 - Complete this application form to notify us and confirm your payment

and finally, to complete your application

3 - Create an account so that we can activate your membership

Use the Sign Up button below to start the process to create your account. 


Click on Sign Up in the new window and follow the prompts. When you sign up, please use your email address and your own password.

Please wait for us to receive notice of your sign up and activate your membership. When you receive email advice that your account is active, please log in as a member using the Login button.

After you have logged in the first time as a financial site member, you can simply log in at any time.

Another payment method

If you are unable to make a bank transfer or use PayPal, and prefer to use another payment method, please contact us

Thanks! Message sent.

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