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Bobbin and Carriage



The website is undergoing some reworking to better tell the story of the

Lacemakers of Calais and provide additional information in the Family pages.

In brief, the lacemakers

- were from the lace works in England before most of them moved to Calais and St Pierre. A few families travelled via Caen and Boulogne-Sur-Mer while a few others went to Lille and Douai. They lived and raised their families in these towns across northern France for many years, and

- in 1848 were in a desperate position when revolution erupted across Europe. Many of them decided to migrate to the Australian Colonies and start new lives there while others stayed on in France.

The website changes enhance this story with a revised menu layout including a new section on the initial destinations in Australia. We are also revising some of the shipping lists.

French records

Many of you will have searched archives for the Pas-de-Calais and Nord Departments in France and found the records for the BMD events relevant to your families.

Perhaps a few have looked at the Normandy (Calvados) Archives at

However, for those who cannot access those resources some of these records with an outline of the facts in English are being added progressively to the LOC Family pages like those shown below.

Birth Frederick Dewey 1830
Download PDF • 433KB

Marriage Shore Bouclet 1843
Download PDF • 283KB

Death Francis Stubbs 1844
Download PDF • 172KB

If the records are not yet in your Family page and you would like some help

contact us.

As always if you have a question ask us.

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