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If you wish to ask about the Lacemakers of Calais, our group or to tell us about your researches, we welcome your message here.

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Laceworkers Henon's factory
Access to the [restricted] LOC Families sections? Join us
If you want access to the Lacemakers of Calais Families pages, please join our group by becoming a financial website member.

To achieve this, a one-off fee payable when you join us will ensure the site can be maintained, advertisement free and grants you permanent access to the Lacemakers of Calais Families pages.

This is a not-for-profit site that aims to provide a growing data base for this unique trade, its people and their lives all over the world where the Leavers lace industry is fast disappearing.

Add to the website
Do you want to share your information on the website? Add some information to your family page?

Anyone can do this, group member or not, and it's free!

We welcome contributions of any type from anyone with an interest in the Lacemakers of Calais families, the machine-made lace industry and its related history. We do however, prefer that, if possible, information be sent in the following formats:

- Short family story: .doc or .docx

- Documents such as family histories, BDM documents, charts, etc: .pdf

- Images such as photos and postcards: .jpg or .jpeg

- Sound bites: .mp3

To share your information, please email them to together with your name, an explanation of each item contributed and on which website page(s) you want them published.

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