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This is a not-for-profit site that aims to provide a growing data base for this unique trade, its people and their lives all over the world where the Leavers lace industry is fast disappearing. To achieve this, a once-in-a-life fee of A$22 for new members will ensure the site can be maintained and advertisement free. We do NOT charge annual fees.


The Descendants of the Lacemakers of Calais (DLC) acknowledges the contributions made over many years by the members of the former Australian Society of the Lacemakers of Calais Inc. (Society) to the research of their ancestors, their enthusiasm to participate in meetings and contributions to the Society's journal Tulle


We are particularly grateful for their willingness to share their research for the benefit of all.

Whilst this website brings together research and writings of many of the members of the Society, we are indebted to researcher Gillian Kelly OAM whose findings into the lives of most of the Lacemakers of Calais and their families over the past 40 years and her willingness to share them, has made this website possible.



The website is a collection of information about the particular group of English machine lacemakers that we call the Lacemakers of Calais including their background in England and France, their working lives and  their lives in Australia. Much of the information in this website is unique to it.

The collection is an abundance of information in text and image form. It is best read on a tablet or desktop monitor. On small-screen mobiles, sometimes the layout can become fragmented. If it is difficult to read, please contact us.



We welcome your contributions of information relating to the machine-made lace industry and/or the LOC families. If you wish to contribute information to the website to preserve and publish your family documents on our website, please contact us. 

You can do this even if you are not a member of our group. 



The website is easy to navigate using the dropdown menu bar. It is divided into two sections: those pages available free to anyone and a section restricted to financial group members.

Generally, access to the information is via an icon or linked text – just click on it.

If a link does not work please contact us.

Documents and Images

Many documents are in .pdf format that will usually open in a separate page and can be downloaded or printed from that page.

Do you know more?

If you can add to the information shown on this website, please contact us.

If you find any errors or omissions, please contact us and we will attempt to rectify the problem.

As we say elsewhere, much of the website information is provided by family descendants and is a result of subjective research.

If your research varies from that shown we will post your information and explanatory notes as required. 


The website LOC Families pages

We are fortunate to have resources gathered over the past 40 years and the LOC Families pages include unique information such as family histories, stories, myths and memories, charts and family trees, photographs, BDM certificates and other documents related to our Lacemakers of Calais families. We believe this section of our website, as a repository of information relating to our lacemaker families, is a valuable resource to our group's financial members researching their families.

We will continue to release information in the LOC Families section as it comes to hand.

For a preview of the information types within the Lacemakers of Calais Families pages, see Lacemaker Families Resources 

Access to the LOC Families pages

Access to the Lacemakers of Calais Families pages is open to financial members of this website who have paid the modest one-off fee.

If you are not now a financial member and wish access to the LOC Families pages, go to the LOC Families menu tab, click on the Log In tab and follow the 3 steps on that page to Sign Up to the website including paying a one-off fee.

If you are a new financial group member and have created an account, you can Log In at any time.

If you are having trouble using the login page, it might be that you need to first clear your computer's Internet browser cache.

Member's Account

When you sign up you create a website account. It contains only the information that you provide. If you want to change this information, please contact us.


The Descendants the Lacemakers of Calais website contains a great deal of information that could be useful to its readers. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of the information.


Family members of the Lacemakers of Calais provided some of it such as family photographs, stories, myths and facts. The accuracy of this information has not been assessed by the group and is published as it is submitted to us


Other information has been researched and compiled by group members and friends of the group from original sources located here or in England or France. This information is as accurate as possible considering the limits of accessibility and the accuracy, condition and legibility of the sources.


The researcher should always use this website information as a guide.

If a researcher intends to reuse information found on this website, It is the researcher’s responsibility to:

- confirm the quality, accuracy and suitability of the information prior to use,

- not infringe the privacy of any persons named in the information nor conditions of use imposed by the authors, and

- comply with copyright law.


The Descendants of the Lacemakers of Calais has attempted to provide accurate attributions to images and text where it can be attributed to a known person or source.  If you can correct an attribution or can provide one where it is omitted, please contact us.

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