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Information about Agincourt

The Voyage

For a brief outline of the voyage of Agincourt from London to Sydney, see the Journal Tulle 113 Vol 29 #4 04 Noveber 2011, pp27-31

Arrival in Port Jackson

Description of the weather for Friday 6 October 1848 when Agincourt arrived in Sydney

It was a cold day at the signal station on South Head. The maximum temperature was reported in the low 50s Fahrenheit - about 10 to 11 degrees Celsius.


The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 11 October 1848, p2, Meteorology

Friday 6 - Very cold and frosty early noon, with fog till about seven o'clock; moderately fresh westerly breezes forenoon; snowy fleecy clouds floating in a deep blue sky; about twelve o'clock began to blow exceedingly cold from southward, with some rain, (which at a few miles to westward of this was accompanied by small hail); atmosphere remained intensely cold and raw, (most remarkably so for the season), all the rest of the day; two to three P.M. some some squalls of wind and rain; afterward fair and sunshine; during the evening stormy nimbus hanging in the eastern sky, and occasional lightning; all latter part of the night rainy, and a coarse boisterous wind from south-south-west.

Onward destinations

When Agincourt arrived in Sydney Harbour, she anchored in the stream. She did not go alongside any wharf nor did most her passengers go ashore in Sydney. Only two families and a few single passengers landed in the town. The Government intended that the newly-arrived lacemaker immigrants would not add to the already excess of labour in the town but rather go to inland districts where labour was scarce. By some method the passengers were sorted into two groups and assigned the destinations of Bathurst and Maitland.

The passengers did not stay long aboard Agincourt. On Monday the 9th, a clear and sunny day, the paddle steamer Maitland came alongside and the first group bound for Maitland clambered down ladders and settled aboard with their possessions before heading back out through the Sydney heads and turned north for the Hunter River. The same day, another steamer arrived, loaded the Bathurst-bound passengers and headed west up the harbour to temporary accommodation in Parramatta before they started their overland journey to Bathurst. The last group of passengers to leave Agincourt boarded the paddle steamer Thistle on Wednesday the 11th and followed the first group to Maitland.

Paddle Steamer Thistle

Shown offshore of the entrance into the Hunter River with Nobby's in the background

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