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Arrival in Port Jackson

Description of the weather for Saturday 30 December 1848 when Walmer Castle arrived in Sydney

It was a pleasant Summer day at the signal station on South Head. Temperatures ranged from 64 to 73 Fahrenheit - about 18 to 23 degrees Celsius.

The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 3 January 1849, p4, Meteorology

Saturday 30 - Morning, cirrus clouds overspread, light south-west airs, veered south before nine, freshened middle part, and wore round to eastward P.M.; clear and very pleasant weather, Night calm and bright.

Disposal of the immigrants after Walmer Castle arrived in Sydney

The Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday 2 January 1849, p2, Domestic Intelligence

IMMIGRANTS PER WALMER CASTLE, Colonial Secretary's Office, January 1, - His Excellency the Governor has directed it to be notified, for general information, that the ship Walmer Castle, with 301 immigrants, arrived on Saturday last in Port Jackson.

The Callings of the adult male immigrants ...  The ship will be anchored at the entrance of Sydney Cove, and will be provided with an external accommodation ladder. ... The unmarried females will be landed from the vessel on Wednesday, the 3rd instant, and lodged in the Depot at Hyde Park Barracks, where they can be hired between the hours of half-past 2 and 4 PM by employers whose respectability is known at the Immigration Office, or who bring introductory letters from persons of known respectability, provided that such employers do not keep inns or other house of public entertainment. ...

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