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Information about Harpley

Arrival in Port Adelaide

Harpley arrived in Port Adelaide 2 September 1848

South Australian, Tuesday 5 September 1848, p2, Shipping Intelligence

 Arrived September 2 - The ship Harpley, 574 tons, Buckland, from London. Passengers - Dr Spencer, surgeon superintendent, and 261 emigrants 

South Australian, Tuesday 5 September 1848, p3, Local News

The passengers per Harpley are principally male lace manufacturers, formerly from Nottingham, and recently expelled from France, by the admirers of  liberty, fraternity, and unity. Their passage, we hear, was paid by subscription and the Union funds of Nottingham, to prevent them becoming a burthen to their city.

Hearsay does not often hear the correct story!

Some Possible Harpley Passengers

Kingsley Ireland's Research of Cemetery Index 1994

Harpley - List of Positions 1848

Ship's Officers and Services Performed by Immigrant Passengers

Non-Lacemaker Passengers

Those who were not lacemakers
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