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Information about Fairlie

Arrival in Port Jackson

Description of the weather for Monday 7 August 1848 when Fairlie arrived in Sydney

Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 9 August 1848, p2, Meteorology (South Head)

Monday 7th - Beautifully clear fine weather throughout; moderate breezes early; shifted round to south-west before 10; and afternoon due south, and blew fresh until near sunset, after which quite light airs during the night; partial clouds and a few passing drops of rain, but moon clear. 

Disposal of the immigrants after Fairlie arrived in Sydney

The Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday 8 August 1848, p4, Immigrants per Fairlie

(From the Supplement to yesterday's Government Gazette.)

COLONIAL Secretary's Office Sydney, 7th August, 1848. His Excellency the Governor has directed it to be notified, for general information, that the ship Fairlie with 296 immigrants, arrived this day in Port Jackson.


…On Thursday, the 10th instant, persons desiring to obtain female servants from this ship will be admitted on board between the hours of 10 A.M and 4 P.M. but it is to be understood that on that day the hiring will be restricted to the unmarried females. On Friday, the 11th instant, and following days, between the hours of 10 A.M. and 4 P.M., the hiring of the remainder of the immigrants will be proceeded with.

Two days later on Saturday 12 August 1848 p2 Advertising/Fraternization, The Sydney Morning Herald contained a report about the France- connection of some of the Fairlie passengers and the probability of "a ship may he loaded entirely with persons of this class, and sent out to the colony, a large portion of the expense being borne by the English government." 

Could this be some of the antagonism towards the lacemaker immigrants?

Of the eight families and two single lacemakers on board Fairlie, five had sufficient funds to leave the vessel and find lodgings ashore. The others found work through the Government employment system being hired from the vessel. 

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