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A John Davis/Reynolds Descendant


​I am descended from Harpley DAVIS & his second wife Fanny. Their daughter Edith Maude (Gwen) Davis married my grandfather Harry Leonard REYNOLDS. They had 3 children Yvonne (Jean) (dec.) and Eric (dec. and Colin David R. (1928- ) now aged 92years old, still driving & married to Tasma. I am the eldest child (of 3) and have contact with most of their descendants (2+ more generations).

Harry also had a second wife with 5 more children!

Graham Gary Reynolds


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PO Box 1035  Grovedale Victoria 3216

John Davis to Reynolds 

John Davis/Reynolds Tree 1 and Introduction

John Davis/Reynolds Tree 2

80th birthday celebration for Alice Cordella (Dell née Elder), second wife of Harry Reynolds

Back row left are Eric, Colin and Jean 

Yvonne (Jean), Eric and Colin Reynolds

Eric, Yvonne (Jean) and Colin Reynolds

05 March 1967 

Eric Leonard Reynolds (1924-2002), age 42

Yvonne (Jean) Arnold (née Reynolds) (1922-1987) age 44

Colin David Reynolds (1928- ) age 38

Eric, Yvonne (Jean) and Colin Reynolds

October 1986

Eric Leonard Reynolds age 61

Yvonne (Jean) Arnold (née Reynolds) age 63

Colin David Reynolds age 58

Both of the photos on the right, of the siblings as adults, were probably taken at the Citrus Farm Waikerie Riverland SA operated by the Norris family including Harry Reynolds' sister Nellie (Nell)