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An example of a member's family history is that of Hiram Longmire and his family.

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Author's Comment

Kingsley Ireland, author and a foundation member of the Australian Society of the Lacemakers of Calais Inc., wrote his Longmire family history in the 1960s. At that time few family history resources were available to private researchers and gathering family memories and contacting far-flung record offices was by posted letter.


For the name of the ship on which the Longmire family travelled to South Australia in 1848, Kingsley relied on obituaries of Hiram Junior (1907) and Henry Longmire (1915). His check with Lloyds in London confirmed the ship’s name and the 1848 dates of its journey to Australia and with no available passenger lists he used the name Hartley. Some time later he discovered that the Longmire family had travelled to South Australia in 1848 on a different ship. That ship was named Harpley.


Kingsley might regret any confusion caused by the ship’s name but the Society is very grateful to him for his permission to publish his Family History of Hiram Longmire 1814-1880 on this website.